Free eBook: Emerging Technologies in Distance Education.

This new eBook from Athabasca University looks at a whole series of emerging technologies for distance education. Incidentally, it contains a Chapter by Rita Kop on the TRIO Project in DACE.

The blurb for the book call it a ” one-stop knowledge resource, Emerging Technologies in Distance Education showcases the international work of research scholars and innovative distance education practitioners, who use emerging interactive technologies for teaching and learning at a distance.”

An continues that this “widely anticipated book harnesses the dispersed knowledge of international experts who highlight pedagogical, organizational, cultural, social, and economic factors that influence the adoption and integration of emerging technologies in distance education. Emerging Technologies in Distance Education provides expert advice on how educators can launch effective and engaging distance education initiatives, in response to technological advancements, changing mindsets, and economic and organizational pressures. The volume goes beyond the hype surrounding Web 2.0 technologies and highlights the important issues that researchers and educators need to consider to enhance educational practice.”

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