JISC Digital Media on e-Learning Stuff

My first Podcast of the Week over in Fresh and Crispy was James Clay’s e-Learning Stuff. The latest episode (episode 61) is a small gem in which ILT & Learning Resources Manager at Gloucestershire College James Clay interviews Zak Mensah of JISC Digital Media about ten new advice publications that have recently been made available on the JISC Digital Media website.

The guides are

  1. Introduction to e-Learning
  2. Designing Learning Experiences
  3. Common Methods for Viewing, Using and Producing Digital Media Resources
  4. Considering the delivery of digital media online
  5. Organising Digital Media Content in a VLE
  6. Mobile Learning for Education
  7. Providing Live Support to your Community over the Web
  8. Audio Feedback
  9. Telling it like it is – a how-to guide on creating audio feedback
  10. Using Multimedia in a PDF

In the podcast A Conversation with Zak, James and Zak discuss each of these guides and why you might want to read them. Should be worth a listen if you are interested in the issues around creating and using digital media in your teaching.

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