New Tool: WebSlides

Just a quick note to draw your attention to an interesting new service that I discovered today. WebSlides ( is a service of that can turn an RSS feed or a set of tagged bookmarks into a slide show. This is a great way to create a learning object based on the web that I’ve used successfully in the past with and the unfortunately short-lived Flowgram. The USP for WebSlides is that, in a sense, you have already curated the websites necessary to create your slide-show or guided tour by blogging about interesting sites or tagging them in your social bookmark tool. The resulting web slide shows can be standalone, with their own URL, or can be embedded. You can apparently add a soundtrack or a voice narration. The only question I would have is can you control the order of the presentation?

My pointer to this service was Orli Yakuel’s post 29 Back to School Tools for Teachers & Students (all free) from Go2Web2.0 blog which has a WebSlides slide show embedded in it. I wanted to know how it was done and followed the link to the WebSlides service from the embedded widget.

Delicious has a similar “Browse Your Bookmarks” service, but it’s not quite as complete or slick.

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