Research Tools and Techniques – The Bookmarks

I am currently working on a new Flowgram about Research Tools and Techiques aimed at Level 3 Research Disssertation students in Engineering. As part of this, I am creating a set of delicious bookmarks of the sites that I will be presenting. If you’d like to check out what I have so far please visit eg353project on, or follow the tags in the tag cloud in this post. At the time of posting, I was about halfway though compiling the list – it may be complete when you read this – but any suggestions for additions would be welcome. I will publish the actual Flowgram next week.

If you feel that this list of research resources would be useful to your own dissertation students, then feel free to get them to join the eg353project network. You and any bookmarks of your own that you’d like to share (tag them for:eg353project) woould also be most welcome.

How I used delicious for this purpose, including how to get a tag cloud like the one shown here into Blackboard, will be the subject of one of the Top Ten Tools presentations at the November 4th Lunch and Learn.

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