The future……..

I was put on to this my Erasmus colleagues at IFA in Poznan. A vision of the future where “video games have become indistinguishable from reality.” An interesting or nightmarish scenario? A point and click multiple choice, e-learning, technology enhanced and supported, virtual reality world?

As one character/player/avatar asks”What are all these points for? I don’t know who I am anymore” Is that reality, the game or both?

Like the senator, do feel uncomfortable when we are not given nice neat options and answers so that we don’t really have to think? Is that the direction that education is moving, in an assessment and testing driven environment? Is this what our students are being led towards – a flow chart world? If this, then that. What about the ‘thats’ we don’t know about? Life as designed by Computer Scientists?

Or maybe it’s only a game?

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