Want clickers but not PowerPoint?

The clickers are becoming increasingly popular – we now have 10 sets in the library and a number of colleges have their own but what if you don’t like PowerPoint, use a Mac or Prezi? TurningPoint have a new application called Turning Point Anywhere.   According to their website:

“Using a floating toolbar, TurningPoint AnyWhere allows you to poll from content in whiteboard software, web browsers, PDFs, Word documents and more – you choose. No additional preparation necessary. Use your existing presentation or classroom materials. Assessment and tracking for groups or individuals is also easily accomplished with a powerful reporting engine.”

You run your presentation as normal, with questions in the presentation and when you are ready to poll start the question in TurningPoint AnyWhere. It’s not quite as smoothly integrated as using TurningPoint with PowerPoint but it does give some greater flexibility. the is also a ‘no install version’ which, as the name suggests, requires no installation and can be run from a USB stick. It works with the clickers and dongles that we already have.

You can download both from here http://www.turningtechnologies.com/responsesystemsupport/downloads/

You will have to fill in a registration form but the software is free.

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