Are you delicious?

We’ve set up a Learning Lab account on Delicious. Would it be a good idea to share bookmarks with other users on the Learning Lab?

If you are new to the social bookmarking, the video below gives a useful introduction.


  1. Chris it would be useful to give a quick guide to joining the network. I have been busily adding for:swansealearninglab tags to my existing bookmarks, but they won’t show up until you add my alias (cpjobling) to the network. It’s not that clear how you get to be a member in itself!

  2. Another though … is there a way to auto-post the tags from this blog to on submission? That would be a nice feature…

  3. Chris J – I’ve updated the ‘People’ page

    The feed is from the ‘Links for You’ page so should be updated automatically when you add a bookmark for swansealearninglab. I think I still need to go in and manually add people to the network as my understanding is that you can become a fan of a someone but they have to make you part of their network. What do you think?

  4. @chris hall, you’re right. Fans can see the links that are posted to a network but to be really a sharing site, you need to also be a member of the network and as you say, only the network owner can add members. However, once added, anyone can share a bookmark with the community by adding the for:swansealeaninglab tag to any tagged bookmark.

    Incidentally, the mass of bookmarks that have appeared on the page are existing bookmarks that I thought were relevant to the network. I haven’t really done all that surfing today!

  5. The “simplest” way to bookmark a blog posting that I’ve found so far is with Flock. Flock, a social web browser, has a feature that lets you save favourites off-line and also on-line via Just press the “big orange star”.

    Flock also has a built-in blog-post editor. Thus, the work flow is write a post, add some tags (include for:swansealearninglab), copy the tags to the clipboard, post. Go to the newly posted blog entry, press the favourites button, write a quick summary of your post (optional), paste the copied tags into the tags field. Submit. Now you have a blog post and it’s tagged in for the community.

    It would be nice if Flock’s blog editor automatically bookmarked your tagged posts in for you, but maybe there are third-party plug-ins that will do that for you.

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