Light Years Ahead….

A month or so ago, someone in the e-learning subcommittee emailed a link to Abilene Christian University (ACU) which has made its student services accessible by iPhone and is giving iPhones to all its first years (freshmen) [video here]. Now, it appears that the Open University is also blazing a trail by getting some free educational material onto iTunes U. This is a somewhat different “use case” to the the ACU iPhone thing, but it’s still light years ahead of where Swansea University is today. Thanks to Tony Hirst’s for the “heads up” on this one. When I get a moment, I’ll be having a look at MST121, T209 and T224 to see if there’s anything that I can share with my students. And I’ll be checking out A200 for my own education! Here are the links to the OU iTunes U site (you’ll need iTunes to see the content) and the /use launch site to other OU sharing initiatives.

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