Celebrating 600 Fellows at Swansea University – Adapting To Online Learning

What I actually found was taking what I’ve been doing and seeing how it matched up to the Dimensions (of practice of the UKPSF) and then also by doing that you find the holes in that as well…and so that led, helped, especially with moving everything to to live Zoom lectures, it helped me organise.


Sue Croft, one of our 600 HEA Fellows shares her experience of gaining HEA Fellowship in July 2020, how being able to apply through the presentation route was a useful choice for her and discusses how her experience of adapting to online teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic was used in her application.

Watch her full interview with Darren Minister from SALT’s Recognition Team.

Sue is one of over 150,000 Fellows globally reported by Advance HE (14th October 2021)

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