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TurningPoint logoAn audience response system (commonly referred to as the clickers here at Swansea University) can add interactivity, dialogue and help provide feedback in teaching sessions. Students can answer a variety of type of questions using a handset and the results can then be displayed to the class. They help students feel less intimidated because of the anonymity provided by the system.

The system consists of a number of handsets for the students which transmit their key presses and a reciever for the lecturer.

The software works as a plugin to PowerPoint, so if you can use PowerPoint, you can use clickers ! You can be as simple or as sophisticated as you wish with your questioning.

To download ideas for using Clickers in your sessions click this link Why use Clickers and get the TurningPoint User Guides for more technical advice or to convert PowerPoints in to Clicker presentations.

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There are sets of clickers (the handsets) permanently located in:

  • Glyndwr D
  • Faraday A
  • James Callaghan Lecture Theatre

In Glyndwr D and Faraday A the clickers are fixed to the desks so all you have to do is open TurningPoint and off you go. In the James Callaghan Lecture Theatre the clickers are kept in a locked box and you will need to register your staff card with Media Serices to be able to open the box.  You can also book sets of Clickers from Media Services Ext 4000

Dr Sam Webster in the College of Medicine has used Clickers very effectively in his teaching and talks about some some of his experiences in the video below:

Dr Sam Webster, College of Medicine, on using clickers in teaching.

You can also click here to read the full case study.

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