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Focus on Feedback

Our Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education, Professor Martin Stringer,  recently announced Swansea University’s Learning and Teaching Strategy for the next five years.

Swansea University Learning and Teaching Strategy 2019-24

In order to achieve the six objectives outlined in the strategy, our curriculum will embed certain characteristics. Among them is a pledge to improve the effectiveness of assessment and feedback methods for staff and students at Swansea University. This is one of many key factors in achieving our centenary commitments, by working in partnership to deliver our ‘Swansea Graduate’ goals.

Over the past two years, SALT’s ‘Seven Characteristics of a Good University Teacher’ CPD programme has featured examples of best assessment and feedback practice. Not only giving prompt feedback (as in Chickering and Gamson’s principle of good practice) but effective feedback that students and staff engage with, and which is applied to ongoing work in order to make progress.

7Cs Seminar: Feedback Journals 

One popular SALT ‘7Cs’ seminar was presented by Swansea’s new Dean of Assessment, Dr Joanne Berry (COAH), during which the following questions were addressed:

  • Why don’t students engage with their feedback?
  • How can staff provide good feedback that is specific, read, understood, engaged with, reviewed and applied?
  • What tools can be utilised in this process?
  • How can staff and students think about and reflect on feedback together, to move forward?
  • How can staff see where students think they are, where they actually are, and identify ways in which they can be helped to make progress?
  • How can help be targeted?
  • How can we develop strategies for improvement?

Dr Berry’s ‘Feedback Journals’ became a focus for reflection and meaningful discussions in academic mentorship meetings, with anticipated and unanticipated results.

Learn more about the development, use and outcomes of Feedback Journals by watching this 32-minute video:

SALT TV: Feedback Journals and the 7 Characteristics of a Good University Teacher

If you are a member of Swansea University teaching staff and have any questions or require support with your feedback strategies, the SALT team are happy to discuss your support requirements and signpost you to other helpful resources.

Or, if you would like to share a feedback strategy that has worked well for you and your students, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me via any of the methods below:


Tel: 01792 604302

Twitter:  @rhianellis3

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