Introducing Blackboard, Pebble Pad and LEAP

Some of you may of heard of the Blackboard Quest that we use in the School of Engineering to ease our first year students into our MLE of choice! This year the quest was expanded a little to take in brief tours of Pebble Pad (the new Personal Learning System which replaced Oremi this year) and the University’s LEAP provision. I used Flowgram to create a presentation/site demo that will go on Blackboard after I’ve presented this live in a lecture next Monday. I found Flowgram very useful for this combination of PowerPoint and live web sites. Hope it inspires you to try something similar youself.

Follow Up

One issue that I noted was the fidelity of reproduction of the web pages for the University was not good in Flowgram’s live interactive view. I’m not sure if this is a feature of the way the CMS works at Swansea, but the pictures are missing which means that big chunks of the functionality is missing too! Work around is to use screen grabs or screencasts but that rather defeats the object!

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