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Make One Change

What is the Make One Change programme ?

Teaching in situ

Over the last 21 months, the SALT Make One Change Project (of which this page is the archive) has helped to encourage and assist staff in making small changes in their teaching.

Each month a new theme was considered, with events and suggestions presented in a range of ways. The themes were closely linked to the National Student Survey questions and the UK Professional Standards Framework and are inspired by the work of Professor Phil Race.

Your ideas where shared in a variety of seminars, workshops and blog posts, which we aim to continue into 2017. Over the last 21 months, written case studies and videos were published as a resource for you as staff at Swansea University. Hopefully these inspiring materials (see list to the right) have helped you to make one small change in your practice.

We will continue to share the great work that is going on around Swansea University through Make One Change, so please click here to share any small change that you have made, or are about to make.

The Make One Change Launch Event – 4th February 2015


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