New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is a time for making promises (some of which last longer than others) to yourself about improvements you can make to your life. Here at SALT we decided to share our Make One Change New Year’s resolutions, in the hopes that some of them may be useful to our readers. Please let us know of any NYR that you have made in the same vein, that is, ideas that improve your role in any way, no matter how small.

Helen – I think mine is probably to blog more (on my work blog,  It’s not been touched for at least a year.  I would like to use it to structure my reflections and career development, as well as looking at different tools and technologies.

blogger and wordpress

Two of the most popular blogging tools

Louise – Some of my intentions (not sure if it’s a Resolution) are:

To blog more (privately and on SALT) about some of the experiences I’ve had…though I always feel as if I don’t have anything worthwhile to say…others will know more.  I’d like to do something about Flubaroo for example as a follow-on to Make One Change.

I’d also like to have a better understanding of the pedagogical issues relating to teaching – so will try to read one of the textbooks in our Office! And of course to complete my HEA Fellowship application.

Mandy –  My NY resolution is to be more organised with my time and resources. I have decided that procrastination is so last season and that I will utilise electronic resources more efficiently to help me . I have downloaded Evernote and Pocket to my mobile devices and have their icons on my web browser tool bar to help make things simple. I found these two posts very helpful and inspiring; NBC News website with a post called 5 ways to cut clutter by Going Digital and the blog Simple as That has a post called 5 Ways to Get Organised & Productive Using Technology, both are worth a read. I too would like to complete my Senior Fellowship for HEA.

Evernote Pocket

Jenny – In the same theme as Mandy, organisation is on my New Year’s list. Although I have been using Dropbox for a while but I am keen to use it more when sharing documents with others both in the department and for external collaboration too. It is easy to use and straight forward to share documents and folders with nominated people, keeping things simple and safe.

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  1. Further to this blog post, I’ve now published my first blog post since June 2013. It details how I intend to manage my New Year’s Resolution. Blog post now published on Helen’s Learning Maze

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