Authentic Assessment Project – Dissemination Event

Council Chamber – Abbey Building

Wednesday 12th March 2014, 12:00 – 14:00

Authentic ?

Authentic assessment, utilising meaningful tasks in context centred settings is a powerful tool in both formative and summative assessment situations. It assesses competence as well as knowledge and values achievement. It is also being used creatively and effectively here at Swansea !

This seminar examined and discussed a number of authentic approaches currently being utilised here, looking at how they are carried out and hearing student feedback on the specific approaches and the general principle. We hoped to inspire you and present ideas of how you can integrate authentic methodologies and techniques in your teaching and assessment.

Student feedback of authentic methods is overwhelmingly positive:

“The transactional and practical nature of the course, together with the constant support and feedback has made me very confident in my abilities to perform as a well prepared and valuable trainee …”

“This has been my favourite module since starting University …”

“At the end of a fast and demanding process, the students described the excitement, how they were “in the moment, forgot they were being assessed” and exhilarated !”

The programme:

  • First: Lunch.
  • Second: Lizzie Badrick – Policy and Partnerships Officer HEA (Wales and Northern Ireland) – What is coming up from the HEA.
  • Third: David Gallimore (Human and Health) talking about his work teaching and assessing for – Introduction to the Fundamentals of Nursing Practice, with one of his students.
  • Fourth: Jane Thomas (Human and Health) talking about her work on Bespoke Public Health.
  • Fifth: Michael Draper (Law) talking about his work on the Property Law and Practice module, with one of his students.
  • Sixth: Student response to the issues raised in the seminar, from a Zahid Raja – Students’ Union President.

Videos from the event

Presentation 1 – Lizzie Badrick – What is coming up from the HEA

Presentation 2 – David Gallimore – Introduction to the Fundamentals of Nursing Practice

Presentation 3 – Jane Thomas – Bespoke Public Health

Presentation 4 – Michael Draper – Legal Practice

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