Twelve Technology Tools for Teaching

Tue 8 September SALT’s Top 10 online applications – we will send a list of our personal favourites, generated from Jane Hart’s 2014 the Top 100 Tools for Learning.

The following tools are those that will help you get organised for your lectures as painlessly as possible, providing the best opportunities for student engagement.

Wed 9 September Introduction to Blackboard – From this practical, hands-on familiarisation session, participants can expect a concise overview of the tools and features available in Blackboard, knowledge of how to integrate and modify content and activities, and methods for locating further information, help, and training. In addition to increasing their technical know-how of Blackboard, participants will be encouraged to discuss pedagogical and practical issues associated with using these tools to support learning and teaching.
Thur 10 September Google Docs for collaborative writing, presentations and supporting group work
Tue 15 September Clickers – Discover what Clickers are and how they work. In this session you will have a hands-on, interactive guide to using clickers with ideas of where they might augment your lectures and best support your pedagogy.
Wed 16 September Blackboard 2 -This session will look at ways to improve the student experience when using your Blackboard modules

  • How to improve navigation
  • Improve accessibility
  • Reduce the scroll of death
Thur 17 September Xerte is a tool that allows you to rapidly create quality interactive learning resources or get learners creating for each other.
Tue 22 September Mobile Technology – This session will guide you through setting up and using a range of easy-to-implement options and give you ideas for the upcoming academic year.
Wed 23 September Blackboard 3: Campus Pack – In this session you will explore the collaborative value of Campus Pack. Campus Pack contains a range of tools that can be used for activities that involve blogs, journals, wikis, discussion boards and podcasts and can be used to generate ePortfolios.
Thur 24 September e-Stream – can be used to record teaching sessions and then make them available for students to view at a later time. This session will demonstrate how easy the software is to use, and how to deploy the recording within Blackboard for students to view.
Tue 29 September Grademark – This session will show you how to edit and mark student’s work online with GradeMark®
Wed 30 September Blackboard 4 – Tests and Quizzes. In this session you will explore the tests and quizzes functionality within Blackboard.  This will include grading tests and the use and creation of pools of questions for re-use year on year.
Thur 1 October WebPA – using the WebPA system as integrated into Blackboard and we’ll also consider some experiences of Swansea lecturers using feedback from previous users (staff and students) to enhance your use.
Fri 2 October By this date we hope to collate university staff’s best resources for learning and teaching. So don’t forget to send us your favourites.

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