Zoom-fatigue ? There are other ways to be present online.


Laptop, tablet and smartphone on a desk with an open Zoom video conference on the screen.High level blog post on moving a course online. Proposes that there is ‘More than just Zoom’ and covers some general points around existing challenges around Zoom-Fatigue, need for flexibility and equity in access to resources (from the perspective of students) and avoiding falling into a ‘teacher-centric’ content trap. It proposes a three-pronged approach to teaching in the age of Covid19: Supporting students, Enhancing the learning experience, and Transforming (flipping) the classroom. It gives some general tips in each one of the three areas cited without going as far as proposing a more scaffolded course development method. It’s a good introduction to consideration points before embarking on Course Development, in the Context of Covid19. As it does not provide a clear/repeatable framework, it could be seen as a pick’n’mix option.

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