A menu of practical lesson activities in e-learning mode – Lesson Closures Video 3 of 30 min Webinar Series


Person waving a checkered flagLed by Virna Rossi with international collaboration from Stephan Hughes (Brazil), Dayamudra Dennehy (USA), Jai Bhim (India), Mays Imad (USA), and Flower Darby (USA). This is the third video in the series: ‘A menu of practical lesson activities in e-learning mode’.

This video introduces you to sample lesson closure activities and the importance of allowing sufficient time and planning for them. It explores developing creative closures, identifying what you know, what would you like to know, what you learnt. It includes a short mindfulness practise, before an introduction to the trauma informed approach to teaching and learning. This raises the awareness of students’ experiences, impact on well-being and ability to learn. Finally synthesising and applying learning presents a visual mind map of the different ways to close synchronous and asynchronous activities to strengthen recall, using reflection and key takeaways. The webinar videos do not contain captions or a transcript.

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