A menu of practical lesson activities in e-learning mode – Main Activities Video 2 of 30 min Webinar Series


Image of a mobile phone with headphones attached, tuned into a podcast, next to a coffee mug.Part of the Webinar video series hosted on Vimeo and led by Virna Rossi, but represents an international collaboration including Vicki Dale (UK), Dustin Hosseini (UK), Chris Baldwin (UK) and Steven Kolber (Australia). This is the second video in part of the series: ‘A menu of practical lesson activities in e-learning mode’.

In this video you will learn about the main activities you could include such as, exploiting live documents in e-learning, adapting a clinical communication model for e-learning, using podcasts, low resource classrooms, and the use of instruction video for student engagement and connection. The panellists share their Twitter handles during the video to encourage engagement with the resource through questions. The webinar videos do not contain captions or a transcript.

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