Blended Learning

It is great to see that the September technology activities made an impact, at least in one department. Paul Holland and Rhian Kerton have been experimenting with a range of electronic tools including the Blackboard Campus Pack Blog to further develop their e-lectures in the school of engineering. Last week I was invited over to the bay campus to participate in a Blended Learning Workshop that Paul and Rhian delivered. Rhian shared the theory and method behind their process referring to the need to accommodate the rising student numbers as the main impetus. It is not only the rise in number that is requiring us to rethink our approach, but the type of learners coming to university is clearly expecting more from us in terms of online provision.
One of the key tools that the pair from engineering were promoting was screen casting. They use Camtasia to capture the content as they solve equations on a graphics tablet. Using a microphone, they capture audio when they narrate as they write, creating effective, useful and reusable video clips.

Wacom graphics tablet as used by the engineering department in Swansea University+Snowball  +CamtasiaI've got it!

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