Future Learn how to create great online content


Image of scrabble tiles spelling Audience, Relevant, Target and a potential word of ContentAn online course developed by University of Leeds. The course covers how to create engaging content; importance of tone, style and format; structure content. Topics in the course include:

  • Define online ‘content’ and how content is planned with a specific intention
  • Critically examine online content and identify the messaging and intentions within it
  • Question the messaging and use of language in online content
  • Use practical strategies to communicate effectively online
  • Explore best practice in content media creation

The website states, “the course is designed for people who have digital skills, but who would like to build confidence in using digital technology in the workplace”. There are multiple start dates and the course is free. However, you will need to register with your name, age and email address and there are email preferences on receiving notification on other courses and to take part in research.

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