Level up Engagement with Canvas Discussions


Scrabble Board spelling the words Connections, People, Ideas, IssuesA thirty minute video exploring best practice in discussion board usage and their importance in humanizing the online learning experience. This resource is intended as a “tasty snack” rather than a comprehensive study of how to incorporate discussion boards into your teaching practice. The video strives to reinforce the need to take a personal approach, using discussions to establish connections with and between students (Mins 7.28 – 11.10) .

A few techniques for maintaining engagement are also touched upon, such as the use of deadlines, the need to avoid a text-heavy approach (Mins 17.00 – 18.00) and ensuring the discussion serves a useful purpose within the wider learning experience. Example activities are offered such as the question formulation technique (Mins 11.14 – 15.50) and the creation of wisdom walls (Mins 27.10 – 31.10). Brief guidance is also provided on how to set-up discussion boards on Canvas (Mins 18.00 – 24.55). Overall, this video provides a good introduction for those new to using discussion boards or for those seeking to diversify the way they are currently used.

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