CPD Canvas Essentials: Discussions


Abstract image of heads of people with speech bubbles around their headsThis resource provides an overview of Discussions in Canvas alongside example activities, step-by-step guidance on setting up a threaded discussion and signposting to additional resources. Discussions facilitate asynchronous communication between two or more course members and can be used with both small groups and larger cohorts. It can facilitate icebreaker activities and is a good way to maintain contact between taught sessions.

The referenced literature from the University of Tasmania is also well worth exploring for further information on stimulating and maintaining student engagement with discussion boards more generally. The use of discussions for assessment purposes is not covered in this resource, but guidance on setting up graded discussions can be accessed at: https://canvas.swansea.ac.uk/courses/3774/pages/extension-activity-creating-a-graded-discussion?module_item_id=551510

(Swansea Resource)

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