Our Tips for Communicating and Building community

Using scrabble tiles, this image spells the words 'Tips and Tricks'We recommend the following basics:

  1. Communicate early and communicate frequently. The more advance notice you can give, the better.
  2. Set clear expectations on how you will communicate, how often you will communicate, how students can get in contact, office hours and the time scale for a reply. Doing this step will prevent many headaches !
  3. A bit of collaboration allows you to maintain a sense of community that can help motivate students to participate and learn, so try using some of the collaborative tools and suggestions below.
  4. Think about creating a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and making them available on your Canvas pages – remember to tell your students they are there and that they should check them before emailing.
  5. Remember that not all your students may be able to use whichever communication tool you choose (or may not want to), so any communication you put out, try to put it out in more than one format (e.g. via CANVAS and Email)

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