SAILS Web pages

Image of students walking towards the sea in Graduation robesSAILS webpages contain a range of information and resources to guide you through embedding inclusivity into your practice. Creating an inclusive Swansea University will enable access and ensure that all (including potential) students, whatever their educational, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and/or protected characteristics, have the opportunity and support to progress to and within higher education. From the SAILS pages you can find the projects they support which are currently:

  • Access – Enabling individuals from all backgrounds to enter and transition into higher education (see our outreach activities).
  • Retention – Supporting students to stay at university and complete their studies.
  • Progression – Ensuring students have the inclusive academic and pastoral support to progress from level to level.
  • Outcomes – Supporting students to achieve the best degree outcomes they can.

(Swansea Resource)

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