Using Canvas to Connect with students

Image of nettingA 60 minute CANVAS-hosted video outlining great tips on effective course design and page/resource organisation, recommending the use of video within CANVAS to personalise your connection (Minutes 1.30 – 11, mins 16 – 18) and giving assignment feedback (mins 44- 48). Gaining regular feedback from students regarding content and emotional well-being was the most recommended tip along with acknowledging their response promptly (Mins 11.30 – 14). Collect personal features of your students anonymously using a Survey at the start of a course (minute 8 -10) and record these in the Notes column in Gradebook to personalise your subsequent communication (minute 19 – 21).

At a more Advanced level, establishing initial connection and ongoing communication are emphasised and using “Message Students Who” through the Gradebook enables you to target various student groups (see Minutes 26- 30). New Analytics enable you to review cohort performance, providing support where needed and strengthening your connections (mins 31 – 44).

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