Intro to Blackboard session 9th September 2015

worried cat

Worried ? Me ?

Having spent most of the previous week fretting and being unreasonable to friends and family due to nerves at the prospect of being streamed live to the Universe University (it just felt like the Universe), this was actually OK !

I forgot a few things, I said a few things wrong and had to correct a few other things.  The order was a bit messed up and I’d neglected to set up a nice clean, empty module to use for the demo.  Still … hopefully no-one noticed and as long as no-one ever reads this, I should be able to get away with it !

It is all just a case of finding the spots in the room where the roaming eye of the camera cannot see you.  Suddenly, security returns.

This does raise interesting possibilities for delivering sessions over the two campuses, as providing equal provision is on our minds at the moment.  It seemed to go alright from my end and it would be interesting to hear how it was from the viewers end, either streamed at the time or just watching the recording.  Let us know what you think if you view any of them.  If you don’t we might just assume you loved them and keep doing it.


Click here for the Blackboard Quick Guide handout

Click here for the Session outline


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  2. I suggested to Helen, Mandy and Louise at today’s session that just streaming may not be the optimum way to deliver such training. I imagine you’d miss the interactivity that being there affords. Is SALT looking at web-casting software?

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