How to Apply for Fellowship through the Experienced Route

Who’s eligible to apply?

The Swansea Application Route is available free of charge to staff of Swansea University.

Staff who have sufficient, as well as current, experience in teaching/supporting learning in HE recognition can seek recognition via the SAR experienced route pathway. Staff who are students enrolled on the PGCert Education for the Health Professions apply through this pathway. Associate Fellowship or Fellowship recognition is available.

(PGCert EHP students who are not Swansea staff will be assessed using the SAR criteria, but will have to pay for their recognition with the HEA using its current rates).

The Experienced Route pathway is open to all employees who contribute to learning and teaching including support staff and administrators, library, careers and marketing staff, provided they have sufficient experience.

Postgraduate Research students have access to a supported route pathway to submit a claim for Associate Fellowship.

How to Apply for Fellowship through the Experienced Route


What should I do first? Get Informed

Discuss with your College Learning and Teaching Chair, SALT Lead or Line Manager and consider if a Fellowship application is appropriate for you and what category of Fellowship is most relevant. This route is for experienced staff with at least 3 years full time equivalent experience in teaching in Higher Education.  Students on the PGCert Education for Health Professions can also apply via the experienced route and should discuss options with the Programme Director.

There are alternative pathways available which might be more suitable if you have insufficient experience – a PGCertHE with further options for part-time teaching staff.

We offer informal conversations about Fellowship recognition (any category) through our Fellowship and Questions (FAQS) sessions. These run fortnightly on Tuesday afternoons during term time.  To book, register via SALT, Upcoming Events page

What do I need to do? Get Inducted

Attend an Information Session for the initial induction. For the next Information Sessions, register via SALT Upcoming Events.


If you are unable to attend, but would like to access the corresponding resources on-line instead, please complete your request through this link:

Access the HEA Fellowship CANVAS course request link

You will be enrolled on a CANVAS course on which there are further resources to support the application process, including links to book on optional writing support sessions.

After the initial induction, to proceed with an application, you must

  • complete an online Needs Analysis identifying your experience in relation to the relevant Fellowship category and
  • Submit a draft application at least one month prior to the deadline.

There are optional writing support sessions.

Fortnightly Fellowship and Questions sessions are also available when you are registered on the CANVAS course.

More details about the Support Programme are available at the Information Session and/or on the CANVAS course  if you are unable to attend.

What does an application entail?

There are two methods by which you can submit a claim for Fellowship (any of the 3 categories) – via a written submission or by presentation.  There are some core administrative elements to both routes, but there are different forms and then different requirements according to the category of Fellowship.

These are summarised in these overview documents:

Written Submission Summary: SAR HEA Fellowship categories poster WRITTEN or

Presentation Submission Summary: SAR HEA Fellowship categories poster PRESENTATION

Each application needs to be supported by evidence and two Supporting Statements.

Academic misconduct

Applicants are provided with access to previously successful applications to review for guidance regarding completing the online form, the kinds of evidence to include etc. Applicants are warned however that in any suspected cases of academic misconduct the University procedures regarding Conduct and Discipline will be applied.

For more details

Contact the Recognition Team in SALT: Louise Rees ( or Darren Minister (

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