HEA Fellows at Swansea

Listed below, by College/Professional Service are staff recognised as an HEA Associate/Fellow/Senior or Principal Fellow and who have agreed to share their name on our website.

HEAFellowsWebSiteListJune2021 (21/6/2021)

If you are seeking HEA Fellowship recognition, you will need at least ONE supporter’s statements to be provided from an existing Fellow who knows your practice (here or at another institution).

There are however more staff with this recognition than are listed.  They may be willing to provide a supporter’s statement for your HEA Fellowship application and/or observe your teaching if you are enrolled on SALT’s PGCert HE.

If you do not find anyone suitable from your College who could write a supporters’ statement, please contact the Recognition Team in SALT for further assistance.

To comply with the revised General Data Protection Policies, we are seeking confirmation from staff with Fellowship that they are content to publish their names.  The list above is therefore subject to change as this process is finalised.

If you don’t see your name, check your staff record on the University’s ABW HR system.  If your Fellowship is not recorded, its possible that you gained it prior to being employed at Swansea.

To register you now as working at Swansea, and therefore eligible to ‘make your recognition public’, please go to MyAcademy on the HEA’s website and change your organisational affiliation to that of Swansea.  For more details, view this Updating your Organisation Affiliation on how to do this. Please drop salt@swansea.ac.uk a brief note to confirm you’ve done that so we can also update your ABW record.

To get a copy of your certificate of HEA Fellowship recognition, go to MyAcademy on AdvanceHE’s website and download a PDF version there.  For more details, view this Accessing your HEA Fellowship certificate guidance.

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