Old Tools for the New Web #2: OoGdocsIntegrator

Another potentiallu useful extension for OpenOffice is the Open Office Google Docs Integrator (OoGdocsIntegrator) which according to the home page:

[provides] integration with GoogleDocuments and Zoho.
[and] Features:

  • Upload of (multiple) documents (Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation) to Zoho
  • Download of documents (Text, Spreadsheet) from Zoho
  • Upload of (multiple) documents (Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation) to GoogleDocuments
  • History of actions
  • On-line documents’ content searching
  • Update of spreadsheets stored on Zoho

To quote a famous group from Hull (my alma mata)

Now that’s what I call quite good!

Unfortunately, documentation is scarce (and in Polish!) so I’m not yet sure how to use it!

There is also a Sun Weblog Publisher which will allow you to edit blog posts inside OpenOffice Writer. Unfortunately, Sun will charge you $9.95 for the privilege.

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  1. This is looks good as I use Zoho quite a bit. Sadly, I’m struggling a bit with my Polish :-(. Any joy on how it works?

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