University of Michigan – Centre for Research on Learning and Teaching Faculty Examples of Active Learning Techniques

Students learning togetherThe University of Michigan’s Centre for Research on Learning and Teaching share a range of faculty examples of the active learning techniques they have used in their teaching. There are 11 cross faculty examples included, linking to new pages that provide a concise overview of the active learning approaches applied in their courses, challenges and solutions, changes in instruction, and benefits for students. Some of the profiled active learning techniques include; group assignments, large lecture engagement, active discussions, team assessment and student video creation.

The resource links to a number of case study videos on the implementation of Active Learning techniques which can be viewed via a YouTube link, the Why and How of Active Learning, and shares strategies for engagement, particularly in large classes. Though some of the videos are slightly more dated than the case studies, if you are looking for examples of the application of active learning, this resource provides some useful cross-curricular insights into different approaches and methods.

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