We are not alone…

learninglab Today I typed learninglab into my web browser’s address bar with the intention of visiting Swansea University’s hottest  web destination. And I was intrigued by how many sites Google and Live Search threw up as suggested destinations. Quite a few are apparently concerned with the same things that Swansea’s Learning Lab is and several might merit further investigation. Are there any intrepid explorers in the Learning Lab who want to put on their hiking boots and report back on any treasures that they find?


  1. I now prefer Live Search as we get the 4th entry whereas on Google we don’t appear until halfway down the 3rd page!

  2. But do you like it enough to make it your default in Firefox? Is it even available as an option for Firefox?

    Seriously, we may need to do something about the Search Engine Optimization of the Learning Lab.

  3. Using ‘searchme’ we come second (if I add ‘uk’ in the search string’) and that is one of the options I have in Firefox.

    Good idea about SEO. Any suggestions?

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