Active Classrooms Enabling Regional, National and Global Collaboration

An Active Learning classroom, A019, in Engineering Central, Swansea UniversityIn this work, the journey to Swansea University’s first reconfigurable computer lab and active learning studio is explored as an approach to solving both these issues and opening doors to innovation and new programmes. Feedback is presented from both staff and students to show the impact on student learning and the adoption of new pedagogies.

The introduction of the active learning studio has led to new initiatives, including funding to link a Swansea University collaborative space with further education colleges in the region. It has also led to the College of Engineering at Swansea being invited to join a globally delivered group design module with partners in the US, Brazil and France. This collaborative approach paves the way for consideration of new funding and educational models where students can study elective modules outside their home institutions while retaining the benefits of active methods.

(Swansea Resource)

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