Reading Group to meet at last

The next SALT Reading Group face-to-face meeting will be on Wednesday 14th November from 12-1pm in Training Room 1 in the Library. It’s the room next to the SALT Room. Feel free to bring your lunch.

The link below takes you to the reading group choice from the book “Rethinking Learning for a Digital Age” How Learners are Shaping their Own Experiences. You will need to your Swansea Blackboard password to access the content.

‘Understanding students’ uses of technology for learning: towards creative appropriation’

by Rhona Sharpe and Helen Beetham.

The Editors introduction says of the chapter that ‘the authors explore how  ‘effective learners’ use the technology at their disposal.  Drawing on data from ten research projects and locating their findings with current literature, they use a developmental framework to explain how higher level skills and attributes are founded on functional access to technology. They propose that the pinnacle of effective learning in the digital age is creative appropriation – where learners have developed and practised strategies for making use of technology in creative ways to meet their own personal and/or situational needs.’

As has been mentioned before, if you can’t make the date don’t worry as we’ll use this site for an online discussion of the reading as well. We might even get the authors to chip in?

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