A Beginner's Guide to Social Engineering (the Slides)

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Today I presented a “Lunch and Learn Session” to colleagues at our Staff Development Unit. Here are the slides which are hosted at Google Docs.

The creation of a Ning network for SALT was a highlight of the session, and unfortunately that bit is not in the presentation, but the intro and outro may nevertheless be of some interest.
There is also a SlideShare version which includes some extra video which I may get around to narrating and including a screencast demo of Ning site creation. Watch this space!
The SALT network (su-salt.ning.com) is invitation-only network that we are keeping private for the time being. If you were at the presentation, I’ll be sending you an invitation to join the network today or tomorrow. If you weren’t there, but would like an account, please follow this link.


  1. Looks good. I like the starter, main course etc structure. Shame I wasn't able to be there.

  2. Chris, temper your enthusiasm. There's breaking news! See the next post!

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