A menu of practical lesson activities in e-learning mode – Lesson Starters Video 1 of 30 min Webinar Series

Mae’n ddrwg gennym ddim ar gael.

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Image of an open laptop computer with a smiling instructorWebinar hosted on Vimeo, led by Virna Rossi, with international collaboration; Flavia Belham (Brazil/UK), Punya Arora (India), Maha Bali (Egypt) and Tim Fawns (UK). This first video is part of the series: ‘A menu of practical lesson activities in e-learning mode’. If you would like some practical ideas for activities, the complete webinar series covers lesson starters, main activities and lesson closures.

By the end of this video, you should be equipped with a toolkit of (evidence-based) effective activities that you can implement within your course(s) in e-learning mode. International speakers discuss practical options to use at the start of lessons in e-learning mode. Examples include, how can I hook learners?, evidence-based flash cards, scavenger hunt, the use of third spaces in e-learning and learning a novel task. The webinar videos do not contain captions or a transcript.

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