Bibliographies and WorldCat

How can we simplify the creation of bibliographies? One simple way is to use WorldCat.

Here is a working introductory reading list for one of my MA modules on archaeological ethics.

The list can be exported to Endnote, RefWorks, HTML or RTF.

One glitch is that books in Swansea do not always show in WorldCat … there is a copy of the Medici Conspiracy in Swansea …


  1. Great tip! I find LibraryThing serves a similar purpose if you tag books with module codes (e.g. My module EG-146) but it’s not really designed for reading lists and bibliographies. I also like the zotero firefox plugin which will be great when there’s an on-line repository.

    But wouldn’t it be great if we could just create useable reading lists inside the intranet that could be shared with our students, the bookshop and the library?

  2. David,

    Library and Information Services at Swansea University will be considering the possibility of adding our holdings to WorldCat as part of the South West Wales Virtual Academic Library project (funding permitting). This would improve the coverage of WorldCat in relation to Swansea University’s library holdings.

  3. Chris,

    In relation to your comment, I am currently working on a pilot project in Library & Information Services using the RefWorks application ( to enable the creation of reading lists which could be shared as you describe. If the pilot were successful, we would need to subscribe to a Refworks site licence for the university. Refworks is primarily a Reference Manager like Endnote, but we believe that it would be suitable for managing reading lists.

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