Building our comunity of practice?

Chris Jobling has been exploring ways of enhancing the Community of Practice we have around learning & teaching and has suggested we run some regularish lunch time sessions in a similar vein to Bitly

The idea is not to run training session or a full on seminar. At Bitly “we gather together … over lunch to learn about – anything! One person presents about a subject they’re interested in, a cause they care about or a side project they’re working on while the rest of us listen and learn over lunch.”

So what about starting small – Champions, SALT team and a few fellow travellers, perhaps once every few weeks after Christmas in the Training Room next to the SALT offices? I guess it will be a BYO lunch.

A couple of sessions to get us started –

Chris Jobling – ‘Adventures in electronic feedback’ Friday 17th January 1 to 2pm

Chris Hall – “So what: can jazz teach us anything about teaching?” Friday 7th February 1 to 2pm

Anyone else who would like to run a session?

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