Changing Expectations

I discovered this video while following up on another bloggable item for today’s news! Made for a presentation from the Open University to some educational publishers, it says a lot about why “Web2.0” is important as a medium.

The (brief) history of the movie recounted by Brian Lamb of Abject Learning (We can find what we need, will we find you?) and in Tony Hirst’s original post Changing Expectations: Educational Publishing are in themselves a great example of what’s possible when we share.

Incidentally Gardner Campbell’s (Bravatuesdays) post (The Glass Bees) that apparently inspired Tony in the first place, has some interesting things to say about Blackboard’s Borg-like assimilation of all things good about Web 2.0 and their “resistance is futile” mantra that seems to play so well with institutional administrations.

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