Going Global, Going Public

Dean Shareski an Educational Technologist and advocate of the educational benefits of on-line sharing (See: Lesson #1: Share), has posted another pod- and slide cast in which he discusses some issues around being on-line, dispels some myths and considers the advantages of sharing. The presentation has a primary school perspective, but many of the pros-and-cons of educational web use which apply to primary and junior school children also apply to University students, so Dean’s thoughts are no-less instructive and thought provoking for that.

The big take away for me, and the reason for this post, is that the traces you leave in the web when you start to develop an on-line presence don’t vanish very quickly! Dean’s suggestion in slide 8 that you should Google yourself is really instructive! This is what Google [thinks it] knows about me … what does it know about you?

The original source of the embedded presentation is Podcast #40 of Thoughts from an EdTech. More about “Going Global, Going Public“, posted with vodpod.

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