Introduction to the series – Fast e-learning switch

Mae’n ddrwg gennym ddim ar gael.

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Image of a man holding a newspaper with a 'The World is Changing' headlineFirst in a video series to help academic staff make the “fast switch to e-learning” in response to the challenges presented through this COVID-19 epidemic. This is an introduction to the approach in a series of videos produced by Vrini Rossi, they have been co-created and are developed using low the solutions. The videos are freely available and are hosted on Vimeo, however have been recorded by screencast-o-matic.

This video considers appropriate environment in which to make your videos, considering the challenges of home working. Vrini asks you to consider making notes while you watch the videos to help with understanding, using this as a vehicle to help students develop engagement and consolidate their understanding by sharing their notes. It is worth noting that this video does not have any captions or a transcript available.

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