Make One Change – Using Flubaroo to mark Google Form Quiz

Mae’n ddrwg gennym ddim ar gael.

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In September 2015, I somewhat nervously attended one of our IT Sessions on using Google as a learning and teaching resource hosted by Chris Jobling, the SALT Lead in the College of Engineering.  As someone on the middle of the technophobe/technophile continuum, I hadn’t really got a handle on the various google tools, and was not optimistic that this was something I could do.

SALT is urging those supporting learning and teaching to Make One Change in enhancing the student’s learning and teaching experience.  How could I not have a go?

So, I decided to use Google Forms to conduct a quiz and the Flubaroo add-on to mark it.  How did this technoneutral person get on? Almost 9 months on, have a look at my blog post on Pebble+:

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