Planning and Teaching a Good Course

Planning and Teaching a Good Course

Importance of Theme “Planning and Teaching A Good Course”

The theme “planning and teaching a good course” is important as it ensures the effective organisation and smooth running of a course or a module.

Dr Phil Race, Addressing Student Satisfaction – adopted from material published in Making Teaching Workby Phil Race and Ruth Pickford, London: Sage, 2007).

Naturally, it gives us pleasure to know that our students are satisfied with their learning experience, and the quality of our teaching. However, it is also useful for us to be able to continuously monitor student satisfaction, not least so that we can do something about at least some of the areas where they express dissatisfaction. Moreover, there are always other people who are interested in data pertaining to student satisfaction, often staff whose work embraces quality assurance, and it is in our own interests not only to make our teaching work, but to work towards students saying that our teaching is working well for them.

The theme is also significant in relation to the National Student Survey and the Higher Education Academy Fellowship.

National Student Survey

The theme has been taken from the National Student Survey question “overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the course” under the category Personal Development.

In the recent 2014 NSS results 83% of students at Swansea University agreed that “overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the course”.

Higher Education Academy

The theme is also important in regards to the United Kingdom Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) as “planning and teaching a good course” contributes to Areas of Activity A1, design and plan learning activities and/or programmes of study, A2, teach and/or support learning and Core Knowledge, K3, how students learn, both generally and within their subject/disciplinary area.

For more information on the UKPSF follow the link

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