Play Learning Tool Bingo!

Jane Hart’s Centre for Performance and Learning Technologies (C4PLT) has just published the final list of the top 100 learning tools for 2010. The list is nicely presented on Slideshare (up two places to number 5 from last year’s number 7) and I’ve embedded it here.

Having gone through the list, and finding that I was using quite a few of the tools listed, I thought that it would be fun to turn the list into a game of “learning tool bingo” and see who gets closest to a full house.

How to Play
Here’s the Bingo form on Google Docs Go through Jane’s presentation and if you are using or have used the tool, mark it off on the form. The results in text form are here and as here as a graphical summary.


  1. What a cool idea, Chris! I found some new tools to check out, too.

    Also, appreciated your Diigo review. I'm a huge fan and always recommend it for teachers.

    You wouldn't by any chance know of any storyboard tools, would you? Need a good one for my PLE.

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