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Teacher's Ruin ...

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I often found teaching some things quite physically labour intensive. Basic graph theory was one and some aspects of statistics. Bits of physics had their moments too.

For example, with the basic graph theory, it was good to show how graphs changed as the variables in the function that created them changed. It usually required much rubbing out and re-drawing, especially when you made the usual collection of mistakes. By the time you got back to the staff room, your arm was often so tired you could barely lift the gin bottle ! Imagine !! 🙂

So this news from Wolfram might just be of interest to anyone who has had similar difficulties in the past.

The Computable Document Format …

“As the name suggests, the CDF aims to bring real-time interactivity and computational power to documents, by enabling them to include a variety of graphs and formulas. This makes a “computable” document quite different than a “print” document. The information isn’t fixed but can be manipulated by the reader. Unlike static formats, CDFs are “as interactive as apps, yet as everyday as documents,” say Wolfram.

Have more of a look here:

(if you scroll done on the page you can see an example, although you do need to download and install a viewer to see it – painless …)

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