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As a member of the ISS Inclusivity group, I have been working with colleagues on developing ways to promote and recognize the excellent work that Swansea staff is doing for Equality Diversity & Inclusion (EDI).4 different coloured semi-circles surrounding a circle, arranged in a square. Hoping to depict outward-facing unity and also representing round peg in a square hole!

We created an Icon, which we felt represented inclusion,  and have had badges made and t-shirts on the way with the logo on which you may see some staff wearing. If you do please ask about them!

We have begun developing a process for awarding badges, both digital and physical, it is in its early stages at the moment, but it is growing! To learn more about the badges ask someone wearing a badge or join the CPD Inclusivity Module on Blackboard (  To receive a badge you will need to evidence your engagement with Inclusivity here at Swansea Uni. It may be by participating in some CPD of your own, attending some EDI training or it could be by promoting awareness and supporting students or colleagues in some way.

You will need to evidence your engagement and by providing an overview of what you have been doing.  We ask that your writing is shared to that others may learn from your experiences. This can be on the Library Blog (please contact Library Services:, the SALT blog (contact or on the CPD Inclusivity module in Blackboard (for Access

ISS Inclusivity Group

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